The Basin picnic day 2017

Again a fabulous day was had by the Frantastic choir when they caught the ferry from Ettalong to Palm Beach and then another ferry to The Basin.  Such a beautiful place and the weather held off so that our beautiful water ballet could take place.  To our surprise when we arrived on the jetty we were met by the park ranger who informed us that we may not be able to have the lunch shed as a film crew were filming an episode of Home and Away.  Well……we just about had to pick Kerry up off the ground as it is her favourite show of all time. She spent most of the day stalking the cast and trying to get them to notice her…. as you can see in the photos. She even floated very close to the scene but the flowers in her bathing cap gave her away.    All of us were hoping for extras to be needed for a shoot, but as they were filming a drowning scene we had to be very quiet and we just enjoyed being spectators. After getting permission to put on our water ballet, one of the crew offered to adjudicate and the video can be seen on our facebook page.  We did get a huge cheer and a round of applause from the cast after the Frantastic’s  performance which was well deserved.  The cast of the water ballet looked amazing in their colourful costumes and flowery hats.  They decided to practice choreo for one of our new numbers that the choir will be performing this year. No problem with the lunch shed the crew of Home and Away were happy to share with the Frantastics and were very interested in our group. They were such a friendly group of people but all the sucking up did not get us a gig on the show.

Thank you everyone who just got stuck in and cut up salads and cooked and cleaned up.  It was a combined effort and such a lot of fun. Kaye was great cooking onions which is certainly her specialty. Wendy was amazing on the hamburgers and Peter looked after the sausages. The rest of us took turns in keeping the kookaburra away from the meat but he won in the end swooping down on Miriam and stealing the sausage out of her hand. The monster Goanna came a lot closer this year not worrying about us at all.

Just a lovely day enjoying each others company. The boat trips were uneventful except for the disembarkation of two members at the Mackerel wharf.  They even waved to us from the jetty. We all yelled at them to get back on the boat as we had not arrived at Palm Beach.  No names mentioned but (they are in the first photo)…I don’t think they will be able to live that one down.   If you click on the middle of the first photo it will open up and you can then scroll through all of the photos.  If you want to save a photo, hold you mouse over the photo and right click then you can ‘save as’ or ‘copy’  to your own files or on to your desktop.